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Who We Are

Grace Beauty Spa is a family-owned business dedicated to providing each of our clients with personalized experiences. With an optimal blend ​of services to offer, Grace Beauty Spa has made it their goal to make your inner beauty glow. We make it our mission to know and go beyond each of your needs, so you look and feel confident when you look in the mirror!

Sandeep Sahota

Sandeep Sahota

Business Owner and Licensed Aesthetician

Ever since she was in school, Sandeep dreamed about opening her own spa. After immigrating to Canada twenty years ago, Sandeep settled down with her family and raised her children. In 2015, she decided to give her dream a shot, so while working part-time, Sandeep began to work towards making her dream come true. Soon enough in 2016, Sandeep was a licensed aesthetician. She had successfully established her in-home spa, Grace Beauty Spa, in Brampton, Ontario, by creating an amazing client base. With the feedback and experience Sandeep gained, she has confidently advanced in her career and would like to continue to expand her horizons.