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Grace Beauty Spa is a place to relax, de-stress, and unwind in an oasis of serenity. We offer an ideal blend of beauty aesthetic services to give you the ultimate experience.


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We offer an ideal blend of beauty aesthetic services to give you the ultimate experience. Our skin care and nail care treatments are designed to detoxify, tone, hydrate, and bring a glow out because we want you to be and feel confident after each visit.

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Grace Beauty Spa is a family owned business dedicated to providing each of our clients with personalized experiences. With an optimal blend ​of services to offer, Grace Beauty Spa has made it their goal to make your inner beauty glow. We make it our mission to know and go beyond each of your needs, so you look and feel confident when you look in the mirror!


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Introducing our loyalty cards! Earn a sticker each time you visit Grace Beauty Spa, and after your 9th visit, redeem a sweet reward!

We are currently offering two rewards!

You can earn 50% off a royal pedicure with paraffin foot treatment. This treatment includes a deep scrub, foot cleanse, and relaxing massage, followed by a paraffin wax treatment which keeps your skin soft! (Regular price $55)

You can also earn 50% off a luxurious gold facial! A gold facial treatment includes a deep cleanse and extractions with facial steam, followed by a gold mask which improves skin elasticity and evens the skin tone to provide a lasting glow! A complementary relaxing massage is also added to elevate your facial and provide the most relaxing experience! (Regular price $95)