Party & Bridal Henna

Henna – Mehndi

Henna, otherwise known as ‘mehndi’, is a dye derived from henna plants that grow in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia. More than just a dye, henna has been widely used in South Asia for centuries as a form of beautiful body art associated with positive spirits and good luck.

Henna also found its way as an Indian wedding tradition, which is still carried on today. The tradition calls for the bride to have a henna ceremony the night before her wedding as a way of wishing her good health and prosperity as she opens a new chapter of her life. As the years went by, henna designs became more intricate and widely adorned during many auspicious events such as birthdays and pregnancies.

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Party Henna Designs $10 & up (per hand/per side)

Bridal Henna Package $150 & up

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*Please Note: we use organic and natural henna. For more information about ingredients, please contact us